Follow-up to ‘Night Terrors’

by Chris Lorensson on 30 January 2008 with comments

Continued from they’re called ‘night-terrors’ and Bringing out the worst

More on the spiritual aspect of Night Terrors
In my own mind and from my own personal experience, night terrors are solely spiritual– as I stated before, they’re not because you’re mommy didn’t buy you that bike that one Christmas, and certainly not because your Dad had them and it just runs in the family. (Though there may be some merit to the idea of parents passing down, err, issues. I won’t go there) But I believe that one obvious observation one can make is that they almost exclusively happen to children. Like I said, I had them between about 10 and 16, which is a vulnerable point in life for anyone, and children are simply more vulnerable. Thinking back, actually, night-terrors are not the only type of spiritual experience I had when that age– I also remember general overwhelming senses of fear during the night which would keep me awake for hours, as well as a time where I could have sworn that something grabbed my foot. Laugh if you must, but when you’re that age and that vulnerable it’s anything but funny.

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We Thought We Knew… But it Was Just a False Alarm

by CJ Speelman on 17 January 2008 with comments

Hurting people are scared people… huddled in cold bathrooms, lying on concrete floors with leaking toilets getting their clothes wet through those drunken nights…  through those drunken nights you see broken people passed out from worries too heavy to get high, too numerous to escape… how can you be cornered in an alley in the middle of the street??? how can you be trapped in a box when you are sleeping on a bench at a park??? Read the rest of this entry »

Should Christians adopt Non-Violence?

by Chris Lorensson on 12 January 2008 with comments

Last night 5 of us were on our way back from dinner. It was my wife and I, another couple and another close friend of our who is pregnant. Let’s call her Beatrix. Very near where a few of us live, a mid-twenties middle-class-looking individual began swinging a grocery back with a bottle of vodka in it at us for no apparent reason. He ended up hitting our pregnant friend in the face causing considerable blood loss and trauma. While Jeff’s wife was taking her home, Jeff and I were making sure the individual wasn’t going to follow them or proceed with any further shenanigans.

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