Singeing the Fringes of Friendship Circles

by Chris Lorensson on 27 February 2008 with comments

Here’s a poem I wrote quite awhile ago, but it’s one of my favourites. Please let me know what you think.


Wires are splayed – opening rooms in homes.
The records roam like ovens cooking
up love for everyone on love.

Choicelessness rubs with will and makes things hot:
I’m watering down the consequences
by wooing time to tilt in my favor.

I won’t suffer at / it all.

Loneliness. Make time for me; for we’ll be together when I come…
praying for time to be on my side. and for consequences to allow me room.

I won’t suffer at / it all.

Sufferance, suffer me to suffer more for you.
I care about myself more thn’m’love’ll bear to move.

I’ve hastened all the lovers’ hands to hold up high the mood.
In hastening myself to love I make my love come true.(?)

Bearer of your hopes & dreams – I want to worship you,
but I can’t bear to bend or break in times when it would do.

You’re enough for me to love yourself in us.
You’ve become my way of thanking you for love.

You’re truly the love that stands me up –
the way that only patience does –

in singeing the fringes of friendship circles.

Ovens cook up love for everyone.
I hate how time crowds up my space –
singeing the fringes of friendship circles.

I won’t suffer at any time tonight, this place
melts into my space of comfort, closeness and leisure.
Pleasure makes itself home in my heart.

Upptäcka celebrates 1,000 visitors

by Chris Lorensson on 14 February 2008 with comments

thousand visitors
Last week we hit our 1,000 mark– that means unique visitors, all individual people from all round the world visiting us. These stats are public and are trackable via Mint. See for yourself here, or check out Mint.