“It helps if you just TELL me what to think”

by Chris Lorensson on 11 April 2008 with comments

I’ve been wanting to read Jeremy Stangroom & Ophelia Benson’s Why Truth Matters for about a year now, and I just picked up a copy. They are somehow responsible for the (very interesting) website ButterfliesAndWheels.com, which is worth a read. If their slogan Fighting Fashionable Nonsense isn’t compelling enough for you, then check out LOLcats instead, you geek.

Back on topic– the book is obviously about why truth matters, and while the authors are not (apparently) Christians or religious in any sense, their mission and journey has captured my inadvertent attention. There is one quote I’d like to share, they’ve just finished discussing how truth affects societies at large, and how truth is ‘used’ (rather than sought) by rulers to guide (read: control) their subjects:

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What is Wrong With This Picture!?

by CJ Speelman on 7 April 2008 with comments

First things first, sorry for the generic title to this entry!


The above link points you towards a news story that documents the arrest of a Mother and Son crime ring.  They were recently found stealing food from a church and were arrested for burglary and petty theft.  As of yet, I am not sure if the Church will be pressing any charges against them. 

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