6 Tees available on teepay.com

by Chris Lorensson on 29 July 2009 with comments

Here’s a whole list of all the tees I have available on teepay.com.

Jesus Rides FixieJesus Rides Fixie

Jesus DownhillsJesus Downhills

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UPDATED: Design and Response

by Chris Lorensson on 25 July 2009 with comments

Hi all, I’ve gone through and made some updates to the article Design and Response: finding handmade people in an identikit world, so have a read if you haven’t already. It’s pretty long – about 10 short chapters, and it’s about how the way God made us correlates with design as a discipline, and what we should do about it.

Have fun, have a read!

‘Psycho Killer’ tee on teepay.com

by Chris Lorensson on 23 July 2009 with comments

I’ve designed a tee which is still pending approval at teepay.com. It’s called ‘Psycho Killer’, and it’s a lil’ tribute to Debbie Harry from Blondie. Her earrings say ‘PSCHKLLR’. you can leave comments on it’s Flickr page. Will post if and when it’s available for purchase.

UPDATE 24 July, 2009 3:15pm GMT: Just received a confirmation email from teepay.com saying my design has been approved! Yay. Will post a link as soon as it’s available for purchase. Thanks teepay.

UPDATE 24 July, 2009 3:40pm GMT: ‘Psycho Killer’ tee is now available for purchase at teepay.com/frontend/showtee/1711