Changing God’s Mind

by Chris Lorensson on 9 November 2010 with comments

Forgive the lack of citations in this article- but they are not unknown references.

It seems to me that, as mentioned before, God originally intended Adam and Eve (and I’d like to highlight them here are as being representative of mankind) to walk with the animals. You know- the “lion laying with the lamb” sort of thing. As such, I suspect that Adam & Eve were not originally meant to eat them.

As I understand it, (and I am no expert or enthusiast) meat is generally unhealthy for humans. Indeed also as I understand it, any animal products of any sort are nowhere near as healthy for the human body as fruits & vegetables, beans, nuts etc.

Let me clarify that this is not an article about vegetarianism or veganism, or even animal cruelty. This is about how God deals with a fallen world. Read the rest of this entry »