Coffee and the basement

by Chris Lorensson on 29 January 2012 with comments

Stirring sugar into coffee is an interesting thing. We are aware that it will dissolve, but we are unaware of the pace at which it will happen. We make educated guesses based on the amount of steam coming off the liquid as to its heat, on the efficacy of the instrument used to stir, on the pace of stirring itself, and on the volume of liquid and amount of sugar to assimilate.

And yet through all these educated guesses, we know that we cannot make these calculations without proper instrumentation, and that the instrument of our brains has been long incapable of this without external tools. Complex mathematical equations confuse us. We are aware of their necessity and existence, but even more aware of our inability to apply them. For many of us, we know we would be unable to calculate these equations even with the use of the proper external tools, and yet we continue to stir and stir  based on our educated guesses.
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