The Church is a Box

by Geoff Hall on 20 March 2012 with comments

The Church is a Box, the denomination is the label. Inside the box is God, or at least the simulation of God. I say simulation not because I don’t believe God exists, but because this God inside of the box is controllable and the One I’ve read about cannot be adjusted to align with our point-of-view, or our socio-economic needs. Inside the box, spirituality is guarded by a Bureaucracy, a hierarchy of qualified practitioners and the worst of this Administration is the Censorship Department, closely followed by the Propaganda Department. Censorship is a worrying contradiction when our spirituality is defined by Paul’s thought that “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” We do so love to hedge freedom in with allowable tolerances and justifiable limits, for ‘good conscience’ sake.

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