Over the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about the idea of meditation. Not in some mystical, philosophical way, but just because I feel like I need a way to find some peace in the midst of my chaotic life. I did a bit of Googleing and found some really helpful sites. I hope they can be helpful to you, too. Some of these sites talk about actual ‘Meditation Groups’— as in Christians getting together to meditate. While I find this a cool idea, I have a hard time with corporate Christian anything— but that’s just a stigma of my own.

Maranatha thespiritualsolution.com

This is probably the best one I found, as it seems to be a bit more culturally relevant and I can certainly relate to it perhaps more than the others on this list, what with the dude on the front with tattoos and all. They have stuff about meditation and your body, how to meditation, what it means, even a 6-week outline on Christian Meditation.

Friends in Meditation friendsinmeditation.com

A group of Christians who meditate– again loads of good reading and background on Christian Meditation. It’s good to find out about crazy things like meditation because if you’re not careful, you could end up worshipping the devil or something! And we certainly don’t want to do that!

Christian Meditation allaboutgod.com/christian-meditation.htm

This is a kind of Q & A about Christian Meditation: whether or not it’s biblical, it’s history, etc. A pretty good read if you’re a skeptic like me.

Inner Explorations innerexplorations.com/chmystext/john.htm

This site is a lengthy article about an individual called John Main whose name I came across several times during this research. He apparently started Christian Meditation and many of the sites listed here mention his name. Probably a good idea to find out about the guy if he’s the dude who did it in the first place.

Swami J’s Maranatha Mantra swamij.com/maranatha.htm

Now if there’s any site on this list that looks a bit dodgy this is it! But I assure you, it’s more dodgy than any of the others and it just talks about a particular meditation called the Maranatha Mantra that some of these other sites mention as well.
Worth a go– I think. They’ve even got some sort of video up there, and the site is Traditional Yoga and Meditation of the Himalayan Masters.

The Christian Meditator thechristianmeditator.com

This site is really girly, so if you’re into that sort of thing this is the one for you! What? Anyway, it looks like these gals have got a load of MP3s up, but there’s (in my humble opinion) an over-emphasis on purchasing this and that and signing up for membership and what-not. So beware– they apparently want your money! No really though– it looks like they have some good practical resources (for purchase) that will make you some Christian-Meditating-Guru or something.

Meditation with Art landru.i-link-2.net/shnyves/Art_in_Meditation.html

Being by far the most obscure link in this list, This page is about how and why we could meditate as Christians using art. The examples given are all famous paintings from the likes of Michelangelo and Picasso and such. But I thought it may be a good idea to check out. Probably not something I’d be into personally, but maybe you would.

Order of Christ / Sophia orderofchristsophia.org

Okay I take it back, this is the dodgiest one. I don’t really get what they’re on about regarding the Christ-slash-Sophia thing, but the site warily exhibits the phrases ‘Christian Mysticism’ and ‘Centers of Light’. But I’m not going to judge it at first-glance, and I figure Meditation is sort of a universal thing that is certainly NOT exclusive to Christianity, in fact it’s quite the opposite. So I’ll check out this Sophia girl and what she has to do with Jesus.