Mauretania neon signLast night I was walking round town, and remember that neon sign I told you about, I tried to get some video of it (it was lit up all nice at night time) but my phone kept screwing up, but one of the photos managed to survive.

The neon ship is obviously a reference to the 1938 RMS Mauretania 2 rather than the 1906 RMS Mauretania. I went in and spoke with the dudes working the (new and fancy) bar now occupying the building. I asked them

what’s up with the Mauretania sign?

They said that the bloke who owns the building (and has done for decades) runs a company by the same name and that 20 years ago it was a bar of the same name. Surprisingly, they also added that when the ship was retired from sea, many of the significant objects from it were donated to the owner of this property and are on public-display in one of the upper rooms. To the best of my recollection, one of the ship’s belongings now residing in this upper-room is the entire ship’s library. I will cruise by at another time and check it out and hopefully get some photos if allowed.

On a side-note, I am nearly convinced that this wind-chasing experience will ultimately yield some spiritual significance. The reason for this is because f the random nature of this coming up at all, and so consistently recurring. However, alas, I have yet to catch any glimmer or secret as to its significance.