This is going to sounds weird, so if you’re easily weirded out, continue reading here.

For about fourteen months now, I’ve been having this weird thing happen. One day, literally out of the blue around last September, a name popped into my head that I was sure I had heard somewhere before: Mauretania. Don’t worry– I’m not about to paint a picture like some new DreamWorks film or something, so forget about Arthur and the Invisibles and Mimsy-this-or-whatever-it-was. This is a true story.

At first, I thought, “What the heck?– why has this just popped into my head?” A few weeks later it happened again, and this time I was getting more weirded out, yet beginning to see that I wasn’t just (going) crazy, but that someone (God / Not God) was maybe trying to tell me something? And don’t think there’s some amazing end to this story– there isn’t. And so I continue: A few months later I walked by a place in the city I live in and noticed a big neon sign on the side of a building (which was apparently belonging to a former tenant-shop residing there) which displayed an old sailing-ship and the name Mauretania. This intrigued me. I started digging, read everything in the WikiPedia article, followed a few names of princes, kings, princesses, etc through Google and found a few interesting things (only one sounding remotely like something sensational: it was some hierarchy I think from Morocco who left for The States and apparently stole a load of treasure and now no one can find it). However, none of the information I came across explained anything about why I would be having these ‘encounters’.

A few days ago, long after I had done all this reading, the name occurred to me again. Sorry to be a downer, but this is where the trail ends. If you’re interested, the Wiki article is very interesting reading, and there were also two significant ships of the name, one built in 1906 found here on WikiPedia and one in 1938 found here. To make the article interesting I will include those photos and also a significant snippet of what WikiPedia has to say about Mauretania.

In Antiquity, Mauretania was originally an independent Berber kingdom on the Mediterranean coast of north Africa (named after the Maure tribe, after whom the Moors were named), corresponding to western Algeria, and northern Morocco. The kingdom of Mauretania was not sited where modern Mauritania lies, on the Atlantic coast south of Western Sahara.

There are also some great paintings and information about the second RMS Mauretania here.