If you don’t already know, CJ and the Wrench Raiders in Portland have launched their Tricycle Campaign to get enough donations for the next step in their intiative of helping homeless and less fortunate people get bikes and get their bikes fixed (as in repaired, not hipster-ified). They’re a bunch of nice folks who go around helping people. How awesome is that? But they need your help to make it happen, by donating to their tricycle fund.

Check out more information about it at

From Wrench Raiders’ website:

most importantly:

  • We will be able to provide our community with better service because it will enable us to operate on more days.
  • We will be able to find more folks who we can create relationships with around bicycles.
  • We will begin to explore different neighborhoods or areas where it is more likely that people will avoid riding their bicycles because of the expenses that come along with it
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