(“Can You fill me? Can you gratify my empty heart? Can you touch

me? Can that touch give me peace?”)

Unsteady legs, broken by chemical doses
And alcohol. No shoes, blackened feet from
Dirty sidewalks or muddy paths.

Her disheveled hair tangled by
Twigs and freshly cut grass clippings
Stiffly tossed in the wind, smelt like
Vomit, framing a twisted
Face, malnourished, scarred by a fire, beaten
By the sun…

Oh Woman! Thoughts scream out
Downcast eyes, afraid to look, afraid to
Gaze, afraid to love, afraid to talk
To someone so broken… so filthy…
So beautiful…

Crust lined eyelids, curtains for
Hollow, empty eyes. Seeing nothing real.
Blinded by translucent addiction.
“Nobody knows you like we do,” they used to say
To her at night while starring at persistent stars.

“Thank you so much!” she gurgled
Four consecutive times, searching
My face, blank with confusion.
Hungry faces in line, breathed heavy
In unison. “You’re welcome.” I quickly
Said, ignoring her plea…
Shunning her horrible face
Forgetting perfect Love.

Will you wash His feet tonight?
As I try to push you away.
Will you cover them with perfume
Intoxicating the room with your love?

As I look on sourly, with disdain.
Will you dry them with your hair?
As I forget amazing grace.
Will you be there to hold my hand?
When I am in your place…