Series: Why I Don’t go to Church Much

Why I don’t go to church much: Part 4

by Chris Lorensson on 3 July 2011 with comments

When I read the gospels and the accounts of Jesus’ life here in Earth, I find myself questioning our current model of church. This is taking things waaaay back, so bear with me. Think about it. Where in the gospels or the New Testament do you see church, as in our modern understanding of church? probably the closest thing I can think of in early in Acts, when you see the people communing together. But even that does not comes close to the way we do church nowadays. Pooling our money and resources? Nope. All being of like-mind under the Spirit? Nope. Today’s Christian church is a series of programmes and initiatives, with a Sunday morning tacked on that back for good measure.

Why I don’t go to church much: Part 3

by Chris Lorensson on 18 May 2009 with comments

If you haven’t already, be sure to read part 1 and part 2 before this one so we’re all on the same page ;-)

There are two biggies I want to address in Part 3:

  1. ‘One-size-fits-all’ Church, and
  2. Loss of individual = loss of vision

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Why I don’t go to church much: Part 2

by Chris Lorensson on 3 March 2009 with comments

This is Part 2 of Why I don’t go to church much.

Problem: Individuality / Homogenisation

We have a problem in our modern Western churches- and the problem is we’re all the same (generalisation intended to piss you off). Read the rest of this entry »

Why I don’t go to church much: Part 1

by Chris Lorensson on 23 January 2009 with comments

How does someone who has a genuine faith and relationship with Jesus, yet cannot relate or understand the contemporary church model & practices find his or her true practice of a relationship with God? When your contemporaries are happily (and genuinely) engaging in the prescribed acts of worship, teaching, prayer and community in their understood and modern forms, the misfit is forced to question why those practices aren’t working for himself. Does he have a mis-formed understanding of Biblical doctrine? Should he boldly challenge these prescriptions? When is it that the threshold between ‘being contentious’ and ‘progressive learning’ has been breached?

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