The Collector

The Collector embarks upon his journey with little preparation. At first, he doesn’t know what he’s looking for. He takes with him nothing but desire for beautiful things. He spends his years in the wilderness, in the city and on the road in search of the objects of his desire.

He learns what he knows during his journey, not before. He gets lonely, tired and bored sometimes, but he always meets new people on his journey. He gets immense joy when he finds something beautiful, and he learns along the way. His life is spent collecting things which become dear to him, and as his taste develops with each new thing, his desire increases and becomes more particular.

By the time he is old and grey, he seems very peculiar to others, but most people enjoy his company because he is full of joy at finding his precious things.

The Student

The Student determines his objective, then spends everything to learn as much as he can before beginning. He is well-planned and organised, his preparations are endless. But before he knows it, he is too old and weary with studying to embark upon his journey.

Everything he learns gets jumbled up in his head and he can no longer remember everything. When he finally departs on his way, his supplies weigh him down rather than serve him. He grows weary in managing them and the facts collected from so many years of study.

He forces himself onto the road, but his way is slow and hard, and because he’s in no shape to travel – being old and distracted by the weight on his back and his cloudy thoughts – he misses the very thing he wanted to find. He dies without ever finding his object of desire.