The word for the day is Obediance. There are a lot of things which can become walls which separate us from the day-to-day interaction with The Spirit, Jesus and The Father. I want to tell you about how God is helping me to live in a much more thin space between He and I.

A few weeks ago on Good Friday evening, I became livid with God. I’d never been even remotely angry with Him before – disappointed, yes – but not this angry. I became angry because, as I heard story after story about God’s goodness in the lives of others, I started to wonder where God was in my own life. I wasn’t ‘feeling’ The Spirit, wasn’t hearing his voice, wasn’t at peace. I knew I was missing something. That something was obedience.

During those few days of being very angry with God, He began to reveal to me truths about my own spiritual foundation. This is the foundation I had gradually built over 13 years of knowing Him. Each foundational stone was a piece of the floor – arranged in a grid beneath me. There were all types of stones: some were truths about God’s character, some were truths about my experience with Him. Others were biblical truths and others were truths about who I believed God to be, as told by others.

I realised I had pieced together this foundation during so many years, and that, when this time came, my foundation was shaken because there were some stones which were placed by myself, rather than by God.

The wall of disobedience

There we areas in my life which had become barriers between God and I. I wasn’t hearing from Him, wasn’t getting any direction and wasn’t full of hunger for Him. God, in his grace, started to reveal these areas of disobedience one-by-one.


The main one was about my finances. I had given over many areas of my life, but this one I wasn’t trusting Him with. I wasn’t giving Him ‘the first-fruits’ of all He gave me. I was generous to others, but still serving myself before anyone else in this area.

It’s still too soon to begin to describe some incredible transformation. I’m not rich now, I don’t own a mansion or driver a Maserati – but even the first simple step of changing my heart has already yielded great benefits. For one, I’m am more peaceful. I am hearing from God and the hunger for The Word is back.


You probably remember the parable of the talents – in which servants were given money, and the one who invested it wisely was given more, but the one who didn’t invest it was stripped of that which he was given in the first place.

This is key – God trusts us with all sorts of things, and we only get more (from Him) when we use it wisely. I’m learning to be a better steward of the things He has given me. The main ones, for me, are Time and Money.

I’m learning to use my time more wisely. It’s difficult, but I believe that investing in The Kingdom is the most reliable Bank to invest into, and I’m putting my money where my mouth is.

I encourage you all to ask God to reveal any walls or mislaid foundational stones in your relationship with Him. It’s hard to go through, but in the end is great blessing, peace and rest in Him.