I recently attended a Christian healing conference here in Bristol UK called Release2010. one of the main speakers was an incredible teacher called Bill Johnson, from Bethel Church in Redding California.

One thing he mentioned was about Walking under an open heaven.

He was talking about the constant glory, the constant presence, the fulness of The Holy Ghost. When Jesus left the Earth, He left Christians with a gift- The Holy Ghost. He is One in The Trinity, and God. And He lives in us, Christians.

Bill was referring to the often misappropriated power in The Spirit which most Christians either never recognize or never seek. The Spirit is the power that raised Jesus from the dead, if you believe in that. I do. The idea is that the same Spirit, the same Power, and that incredible peace & knowledge which comes with it should be living in us… But it doesn’t stop there.

Bill argues that, based on some scriptures such as the tounges of fire in Acts, where there is a distinct difference between being filled with The Spirit and The Spirit Descending or Resting upon you. Myself and at least one other member of LoveBristol are practising being aware of this Open Heaven as we go about our daily lives, and the fruit of it has been varied.

I look forward to reporting more as time goes on.