I wonder if this western generation – the first to grow up in shopping malls, in homes with microwaved tv-dinners & personal computers, a wealth of GAP clothes and too much choice – is the same generation who has already becomes fed up with too much.

In today’s world of the doctrine of over-consumption, there has been a massive shift in our thinking. Hot topics are global fair trade, bio-diesel-based travel and sustainable energy sources. We victimise Tesco, Wal-Mart and other corporate behemoths along with those who shop there. And people have begun to change their patterns of consumption- shopping locally, preferring bicycles ans public transportation over planes and Hummers.

It’s incredibly amazing how quickly we have seen this obstinate a reaction- and it’s not dying, but on the contrary, these issues are being forced into public policy among general viral opinion. It was only in the late 80’s that typical households could get computers, but now the famous Moleskine composition books are all-the-rage. People are buying ‘vintage’ bicycles – not because they’re better – but because they’re ‘recycled’, and that makes them cool.

I wonder what our children’s socially and environmentally-aware behaviours will look like. Will they look back and be unable to fathom that their parents woulld have taken no less than 50 travels by air – that the cars they drove actually ran on oil? will they be perplexed as to why it took 50 years to ban the trade of petroleum generators and lawnmowers? Will they be still enjoying the fruits of the uranium power-plants, or will their household appliances run on hydrogen or by gyroscope?