Over the years I realised how much I’ve changed as a person, and how I’ve developed a little unwritten list of personal philosophies.

Some of these things actually stem from my childhood – excuse the Freudian nature – such as the philosophy of doing things correctly. I realised a few years ago that the only form of procrastination I’ll entertain is when I’m unable to do something properly – if something is blocking me somehow or if I don’t have the tools I need to do it right, it won’t happen until I do.

My best guess is that this behaviour comes from how I was raised by my father. He is not a perfectionist, but he is a very hard worker and, in challenging me to do things well, I’ve finally gotten it! (albeit quite awhile after I left home)

Examples like this, I’ve noticed, can be seen in my daily routines and in every aspect of my life. They have formed who I am today and have become a part of me.

Some more examples of some of my own personal philosophies are:

  • That doing things like riding the bike home in the rain instead of catching the bus are good for the soul
  • That many, many things are better left unsaid – pearls and wisdom and whatnot
  • That either nothing is sacred, or everything is (still working on this one, but i’m convinced there’s no in-between)
  • That the most precious possession a man can have on Earth is a family
  • That life is NOT like a box of chocolates at all, in fact, it is what you make it
  • That the world is more flexible and forgiving than The West would want you to believe
  • That if anything IS sacred, then friendship should definitely be one of those things

I’d go on, and maybe will in a future post, but the thing I want to point out is that we are shaped by our responses. How we’ve responded to circumstances in our childhoods through to today has inevitably shaped who we are today. It is important to know what you believe about life. In God’s pleasure He made us all so very different, and that makes you and I the Spice of Life.

Your responses are what create your philosophies. These response patterns in your history create a ripple effect in a pool of cement, and they eventually set- so it’s important that they set correctly, because that cement will be the foundation upon which your character is built.

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