continuing from Illusions of Grandeur and DJ EKG’s response to it

The problem that is apparent to me in my desire for greatness is that it’s for me– not God. It doesn’t take much digging to find that part of me that’s actually wanting God’s will done before mine. I want to see Him in glory, and I feel like this is the highest calling– to be a contributor to even the tiniest part of that glory. The paradox of this is that the glory I can give God only comes from Him in the first place.

The Gift of letting go

This leads me to a book plug: The Gift by Lewis Hyde. In The Gift, Hyde talks about the importance that the gift doesn’t stop moving. The examples used are from ancient and modern gift-giving cultures alike, and they are very enlightening. The concept is not far from another widely studied idea, Creativity using the ‘Death-Cycle’ because in order for it to function effectively, something must first be lost. In the case of fame & fortune, our desire for it has to be lost. After all, we are most effective when we are ineffective– that is to say that when we are weak, He is strong, which makes me want to be as weak as possible!