Also known as Meat-Bag, this is a slang term referring to the human body as an expletive.

Tonight, I became frustrated with the annoyances that come with being ‘trapped’ inside a human body. I have never experience this feeling before, but now I think I know what people mean. Sometimes my Spirit feels like it’s wanting to leave this prison, and maybe that sounds suicidal, but it’s not. It’s just how I feel – right at this moment. Like a prisoner in a mobile cell, doomed to this finite flesh which I can only escape in one of two ways:

  1. to die
  2. to be taken by God, which apparently is different

I want to leave this body and free my Spirit. I want to soar the way I feel I am meant to do. I want to leave the bondage of pain and having to pee all the time, of getting fat and old and ugly. What a nuisance.