Marcus Aurelius, in his book Meditations makes the point that the best thing a man can do in life, similarly to the Author of Ecclesiastes, is to live your life in pursuit of Truth and Justice while tolerating those who are neither truthful nor just.

While I wonder about the truth in the second part of this statement, aside from that, does it follow that, concerning reprovement of others, that it is best to simply not waste time trying to correct people but rather spend the time in ‘forward motion’?

It is difficult to generalise on topics like this, but it seems that these types of generalisations are very nearly the same, if not totally synonymous with philosophy itself. I suppose there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. In this case, one may call a principle ‘a generalisation’ and another may call it ‘philosophy’.

But after an exceeding amount of disagreements and realistically even arguments with people, perhaps it is indeed better to ‘tolerate those who are neither truthful or just’ rather than wasting time, and often unsuccessfully, reproving them in hopes that people will change. Though I believe people can change, I have not seen it very often- maybe a few notable instances, but generally I would say it was a rare thing.