Last night, I couldn’t get this diagram out of my head. I’m glad I didn’t forget about it. Just food for thought really. Let me know what you think.


Mouse over the image to see the change.

The idea

The general idea of this is to illustrate how we, as humans, naturally see the two sides of Science and Spirit. There are clearly two sides to the natural world, yet we consistently deny what we can’t explain. As scientists continue to pursue both the resolution of science with the spiritual world, and the propulsion of science toward overcoming the spiritual world, it becomes more staggeringly clear that there is a chasm in our understanding. God is science and spirit. He created both, and He uses both.

Explaining the diagram

In man’s fallen state, his ‘vision’ is limited. In this model, the vision represents true understanding. But as illustrated, without help, man can only see two quite separate pillars of truth: science and spirit. As far as his understanding shows him, the two never meet and cannot be reconciled. This, for many, is an extremely common reason people give for not having ‘faith’ – as far as they see, it cannot be ‘proven’.

But then we see the second version of the model, wherein the man with the ‘Prism of The Holy Spirit’ – as I’ve called it – is enabled to extend his understanding by seeing where both Science and Spirit meet, which represents a core understanding of wisdom and creation.

The funny thing about this is that it becomes a chicken/egg problem. Without the Prism of The Holy Spirit, man cannot see any resolve; but he will not receive the Prism unless he has faith. He refuses to have faith unless he has ‘proof’, which he cannot currently see. The fact is, proof is not the same as faith. In fact, you cannot have faith without a pointed lack of proof – otherwise there’s nothing left to believe.