This is something I wrote after the 12th annual Schloss Mittersill Arts Conference.

As each year previous, we have each been shocked with light in conversations which will effect immediate and lifelong change, and yet we also make the sad journey home. This journey is the red flag we are forced to stake in order to continue in life, but it represents a physical and almost vicious tearing away from what we hold dear- community, creativity, and ultimately the experience of meeting Jesus again and again with each new conversation of art.

We arrive home dizzy with inspiration that laps at the shore of reality- a renewed hope which is sporadically fulfilled- creating a cartographic network from soul to soul, then splitting into the backroads of individual experience. What we have left is an indelible imprint emblazoned on the canvas of our hearts, and when we step back to see it’s beauty, we recall the faces which helped to perfect that iterative change.

As every year, we are challenged, upon return home, to remember this map, and to embark upon a collaborative journey of holiness- wherein we constantly chart each newly discovered path, then email it in the form of story to share the lamp-oil around. We are a family of children whose brother is Jesus, whose Father is Jehovah, and whose loving Mother is the Holy Spirit. She walks with us.

We are a team of archaeologists who excavate the Mysteries of God and art, cleanse them of the loose debris of time, and play at sharing them like a small child getting ahold of an exquisite crystal vase. May we be passionate stewards of these crystalline mysteries- holding them with open hands as the world watches from every angle, and as each spectator sees a different spark of rainbow light, may that spark illuminate the face of Jesus in their mind.