So, I’m sat here looking for a film to watch and all I can find is “Source Code” with Jake Gyllenhall. Well, not bad you may think. Mmm, I agree, it’s clever, but does it really change anything. If you want to find film-makers who give a damn and want to play a part in changing the status quo, where do you find them? So, what do dissatisfied men in my position do? Well apparently we turn to porn or horror films! But that isn’t an option for me.

Why? Because I don’t believe in film which objectify women as sex objects and nor do I desire escapism through Zombie flicks. Why? Because on the one hand, porn merely enforces what is wrong with the world and horror films are the new form of predictable, superficial kitsch that allows us to escape from the horror of this world to the dead horror of another. When we return, you guessed it, nothing has changed.

As clever as “Source Code” is, I’m just underwhelmed. Maybe it’s that mid-life crisis thing going on? Disillusioned with church and the religious control of God, disconcerted by the institutionalised political control of freedom, wherein poor people vote for rich people to have power over them. Nothing seems to make me feel connected meaningfully with this world any more. 

So, I expect that maybe the arts could provide me with some sense of being enfranchised. Er no, sadly not. Contemporary artists are equally institutionalised with Arts Council grants; producing gallery franchise art which appeals to the curation of ‘it’ and equally appears greatly disconnected from the public, save for some kind of cultural elite, which is no elite at all, but a cabal of disaffected cynics who need an escape from the boredom of their secularised, materialistic existence. The sucking sound you can hear is that of the black hole they’ve created for themselves. 

Where are the artists who give a damn. The galleries that are actually connected with humanity? Where are the film-makers who question life as we know it, writers who are searching for the deeper heart’s cry, the soul of a humanity that wants to be free? Why is Hollywood so focused on escapism and why is that influence taking such a stronghold on French and British cinema? 

Today, investors look for a financial track record if they are to invest in film production, but if you are a first time feature film Director, then this appears a massive problem. That’s why nothing changes, because we support those who are intrinsically linked to the status quo and even their latest ‘idea’ will be a regurgitation of the past efforts and simply form another layer of sediment. Yes the claims for a never before seen, unique experience continue, but it is only unique because no one else would think of such a banal cut and paste job of a plot that we probably saw last in Rocky 3, or Star Trek 4. 

How do things change? Are the arts a domain which has any cultural power clinging to its carcass? Is art simply limited to the elite and democratised as a form of deceit, so that everyone can be an artist? Is that why the ‘lower classes’ are taught that art in its many forms is just a hobby? 

Where is the art that takes me deeper into reality so that I can feel the life pulse beating, the soul crying out for something more, that empowers change, that enriches me to make such things, deep calling unto deep so that I may elicit the same desire in others? 

Just a rambling thought before bedtime.