The big issue, my biggest issue, is not a matter of social justice.

My biggest fear, does not concern being oppressed by Corporate Government or Corporate Church.


As an aside, I sometimes wonder if God gives us our artistic gifts to drive us mad? We produce quality work, whether in word, image or performance arts and God then seems indifferent to us and what we’ve produced. We cannot find that breakthrough to a wider audience, we cannot find the finance to make the film, we cannot attract a publisher or agent, etcetera, etcetera. And then,


And then we see a celebration of kitsch, of poorly written, or poorly filmed, poorly performed work, of art with cheese impasto-ed on it, songs with a saccharin melody, the dance of the genuflectors! What is God playing at?


If you could tell someone’s taste in art by what they invested their money in and then neatly displayed it on their perfectly prepared walls for all their friends to see, then you could talk about a good taste for French Landscape, Dutch Portraiture, Scandanavian Expressionism (angst). What concerns me is that if we were surveying God’s current investment portfolio, we’d have to conclude that God had very bad taste in art!


My biggest worry is that God overlooks our work because of it’s inherent quality, that God is into kitsch, sweet, sickly and tinselly things; that Divine taste is for music that’s an anaesthetic administered before the preacher comes and performs the lobotomy. For God loves a cheerful automaton.


These are the things which trouble me, the things which disturb my sleep and which frighten me when the sun is high, or the moon is full in the sky.