All Tomorrow's Parties by William GibsonJust watched the new G. I. Joe and missed my 10:30pm bus home, so I had a pint while finishing William Gibson’s All Tomorrow’s Parties. Listened to Ladytron on the way home, and here’s what I thought:

Everything in life, when analysed and organised, makes up a gradient of enlightenment. For example, music is dark while abstaining from the practise of dwelling on the unexplainable is light. Or rather, music is a hi level, low-fidelity item, while the latter is pure wisdom. Each of them have their place, and when in their proper place, make up a seamless transition from dark to light. A gradient of enlightenment. The question, then, is whether or not a life should be comprised of a complete gradient; and what happens if one only has a partial gradient tending to either dark or light.

This is about consciousness, but more particularly, addresses the question of the priority and uniqueness of ‘optimisation’- namely, whether or not it has value in the eyes of God. An argument for is that, for one, I personally see it’s benefits, and am therefor conscious of it as a good thing (being human).