I used to say We need to stop talking and start doing, but now I just say we need to start doing.

The nu-generation of Christians, whom Brian Maclaren might call a new kind of Christian, are so rooted in theory. Our Western Christianity has become talk talk talk, and while the protesters are protesting and the nurses are caring, we’re just talking. Okay, to be fair, we are doing something– but to be honest, with all our do-good programs, where is the individual? I find myself feeling compelled by The Spirit to be real with someone in need, but then my first gut-reaction is shouldn’t I join be doing this with my church-group?

But the thing is, no wait– the FACT is we are rooted in theory. Maybe it’s because it’s comfortable. Western Christianity is proclaiming the Good News from atop doctorates in theology, multi-million-dollar church machines and global-television. I think in itself, maybe it’s fine to use whatever’s at-hand to preach– even if it is a doctorate degree, but GOD where are our values when we spend absurd amounts of money on schooling and stadium-seating but have trouble feeding our local homeless?

This isn’t a rant, don’t worry. It’s just that for whatever reason, Western Christians today are much more in-touch with our Christian theory than we are with Christian action. To put it simply: Jesus didn’t sit around to wait for a huge audience, nor did he avoid one. He dealt with whomever crossed his path. I think we should work like that too. We shouldn’t stop talking about theory, but we should start acting upon our extensive knowledge.

It’s worse to have loads of knowledge and never act upon it than to act without extensive knowledge.